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What’s Now and What’s Next in Real Estate

Life as we know it has definitely changed dramatically. There are plenty of particulars with regard to social distancing, mask effectiveness, and anti-body immunity. So we can leave that up to the specialists to sort out.

However, as your trusted real estate professional, Lee wants to bring you a look at where we are in the real estate world. So below let’s take a look some obvious and some not so obvious realities from the world of real estate, and how this make impact you.

Buyers and Sellers are Buying and Selling in Significant Numbers

Lee has represented both during this time. In some cases this it motivated by necessity-job transfers and the like. In other cases, interest rates are at a 50 year old low, making this a remarkably advantageous time to pull the trigger on a home. So how is Lee accomplishing his role in these transactions?

Great Agents are Being Creative and Careful

Lee has ALWAYS understood the importance of high quality photography and videography by hiring the absolute best photographers and videographers to represent his clients. Virtual showings are way up and careful, detailed photography and videography are a must. Buyers want to vet the property as completely as possible before stepping inside.

In Person Showings Have Not Gone Away

While buyers are being much more precise about narrowing down their choices and relying on video and photos, they still want to view a home in person before making an offer. Sellers, while wanting to sell their home, have concerns about allowing others inside. Lee is complying with the strictest of standards for in-person showings.

Buyers and Sellers Should Expect Significant Safety Precautions

Ansley Atlanta and Lee have put in place several policies to protect both buyers and sellers. Properties are only shown with strictest of CDC standards in place, and only on a necessary basis.

Examples of Current Ansley Standards

  • Buyers and Agents must sign an affidavit regarding their “Corona Status”
  • Buyers and Agents are under a Do Not Touch – Hands in Pockets Order for the duration of the showing. This includes light switches and door knobs and other areas commonly touched during the course of a tour.
  • Perspective Buyers must be pre-qualified prior to showing.

There is no question, things in our world have changed. As your In town Insider and real estate professional, Lee believes we must all change with it, and wants you to know you can reach out with any concerns or for any advice as you navigate your real estate journey.

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