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What Buyers Really Want in a Home (Part 2 of 2)

Read on for the continuation of What Buyers Really Want and what you can do for a relatively small investment to update and upgrade your home to increase its value, make it more marketable and realize some savings.

Man looking at home security cameras on tablet computerSecurity Systems are Peace of Mind

A home security system not only adds value, but makes everyone sleep better at night. The simplest systems can be a few hundred dollars and installed by you, while the most costly can run several thousand dollars requiring professional installation. With around the clock monitoring, expect a fee. The good news is that a monitored system will sometimes entitle you to a discount from your homeowner’s insurance.

Home security systems also make your home more attractive to buyers. 50% of homebuyers (in the NAHB survey) say a home security system ranks at the top of the list for most-wanted technology features.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Increase the value of your home while decreasing your energy costs? You bet. Clearly, installing energy efficient anything is a win win for homeowners. The NAHB report that surveyed homebuyers across the nation found that nine out of 10
potential buyers would select an efficient home with lower utility bills over a less efficient
home priced 2% to 3% less.

Consider converting your wood-burning fireplace into a gas one. Gas fireplaces have energy-efficient ratings as high as 77%, compared with wood-burning fireplaces that convert only 15% of wood’s energy into useful heat.

A direct vent gas most closely replicates the wood-burning experience and cost of about $3,000 to $4,000, installed.

Storage. Storage. Storage.

You may think your home is maxed out on storage capacity, but chances are it’s not. There all sorts of innovative ways to add extra storage. A huge value added move on your part.

Some possibilities…
Create cubbies by removing drywall between studs.
Go Up. Install platform storage that hangs from your garage ceiling.
Under stairs, the kick plates in your kitchen and high cubbies in the bath are all viable options.

Let There Be Light

This upgrade can give you up to a 50% return on your investment and with 90% of homebuyers ranking exterior lighting high on their decision to buy list, it’s a sure bet.

Exterior lighting literally highlights the beauty and architectural details of your home. You can light up trees, pathways and water features. Exterior lighting is also a great deterrent for potential burglars.

You can get a pro for this one and have the system hard wired, with panels and timers, and the system will basically run itself. The lights are low voltage and require very little energy. However, solar lighting has come a long way with several styles of fixtures to choose from. The solar system is easier and is less of an investment.

If your lights are hard-wired, put them on a timer so you don’t waste energy running them during the day.
Choose a warm white light. It’ll make your home look and feel welcoming

Lee Hall has an excellent take on what you can do to increase your home’s value. He’s also amassed some incredible resources and tradespeople to help make it happen. Finally, he knows exactly where to find the properties that check all the boxes to show to potential buyers. Call Lee today and let him be your real estate guide.

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