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Turning Home Space to Work Space

If you’re like thousands of people across metro Atlanta right now, you may find yourself suddenly working from home. If you are new to working from home and don’t yet have a home office, you may be wondering where and how to begin. Of course you can set up at the dining room table, but with a little more thought and effort, you can create a dedicated and stylish home office.

Find and Claim a Space.

If you don’t currently have a dedicated office space at home, consider creating one. How about that guest room? Got a screened in porch? Or how about a nook or corner that is relatively free from noise and traffic in the house? Some people have set up a desk and office in the garage, taking advantage of the afternoon Atlanta temperatures and opening up the doors for some first rate, fresh air ventilation. The point is… this is time to think outside the box or outside the office as it were.

You’ve Found a Space, Now What?

Pick a style. If you have an entire room you can make it ultra-chic, industrial or farmhouse, whatever you choose.

Wayfair and Overstock offer fantastic, stylish office pieces that include everything from office chairs, art for the walls, rugs for the floors, bookcases and a desk.

Before you order, just make sure you measure. Then measure again. Wherever you ultimately decided, try to create some beauty with some upgraded office supplies (which you can order on line) from major retailers like Target or Staples.

Home Office with wooden furniture and house plantsBring in the Green.

There is nothing like some low maintenance plants to brighten up a space.

Be Bold with Color.

Colors to Consider: Vibrant Teal, Dramatic Black,  Magenta, Baby Blue, Rusty Orange, Soothing Green, Cherry Red

TIP: Consider Painting the Ceiling Too!

Find a Fabulous Rug.

Anchor the space with a great rug, or borrow one from another room.

Hang Some Art.

This can be your kid’s drawings or photos from your camera role. This will help personalize the space, and make you feel peaceful and supported.

Need Some Inspiration?

Watch this complete transformation Industrial Home Office Maker created by Make My Space Work that cost under $800.


Who knows, when the current crisis is over, you may not want to go back to your regular office!

Lee would like everyone to take care, be kind and be cautious during this challenging Covid-19 period. While business and strategies like working from home are becoming the norm, people are still buying and selling homes as interest rates are really strong. As always, Lee is here to help you all your real estate needs.

Main Photo from Wayfair.com.

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