Trends in Home Design Moving Forward

Trends in Home Design Moving Forward

Over the past few weeks, as we all are sort of getting our feet underneath us, we are starting to be creative with what everything may look like post pandemic. This is also in full creative swing with regard to home design.

People are starting to explore and predict choices and materials that will be more prominent as we move forward. Take a look at some recently predicted trends to come in home design by Real Simple.

Photo by Dana Webber Design Group – Look for entryway design inspiration

Mudrooms or Drop (Transition) Zones

The space to transition efficiently (without dragging the mess inside) from the outside environment has long been a great idea. Just ask any parents with kids who come in with muddy shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes and God knows what else. But now the idea that you can take off these items for sanitizing, and wash your hands (or stop to sanitize) is not only appealing and practical but allows people to sanitize and take necessary precautions.

Antimicrobial Materials

Antimicrobial is defined as destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and especially pathogenic microorganisms.
The beauty of antimicrobial is that some materials are naturally antimicrobial, including copper and its alloys brass and bronze. So it completely stands to reason that copper, brass and bronze will show up on fixtures, hardware and handles.

Bidets and Bidet Attachments

Toilet paper insecure. Yes it was a thing. Enter the bidet. They have been around a long time but as a response to the great toilet paper shortage, people do not want to get caught with their pants down…so to speak.

SMART or No-Touch Faucets

Smart faucets were trending just before the pandemic, but expect to see a surge. Running water to wash your hands without touching the faucet was a really good idea…that’s now a great idea.

Work Spaces & Home Offices

Telecommuting is here to stay. Once considered a nice to have luxury the dedicated home office is going to be a feature that will be a deal maker or deal breaker. A few months ago, a home office was generally considered a nice bonus, but in the post-coronavirus real estate world, it may become a necessity.

A recent blog post by Forbes predicts the home office will need to evolve to the office at home.

Residences will no longer have a home office, but an office at home. Significant reconsideration of how we can create a beautiful, functional office at home will be designed and set up to accommodate full time satellite workplaces.

Soundproofing, lighting and connectivity will all require careful consideration in home design. Check out Lee’s recent website blog post for tips and ideas of transforming your current space home space into work space.

Cork Flooring

Antimicrobial. Water and Mold Resistant. Sound Reducing. Durable. Comfortable. Cork has plenty going for it, and it will likely make a huge comeback based on any and all of the reasons above.

If you would like more information on any of these trends or others, please reach out to Lee. He would love to offer his professional opinions! And as always, if you are thinking of buying or selling, now can be a great time to make that happen. With historically low interest rates and a good inventory, it just may make sense for you!

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