Light green subdued paint color and fabric swatches, floral pattern interior design.

Patterns in Home Design and Decor (Part 2 of 2)


Super simple and clean, and synonymous with men’s and women’s suits, Pinstripes produce a definitive, strong but subtle look in interiors. Used on a sofa or chair upholstery or wallpaper.


Damask is technically not a pattern, but rather a name used to describe a pattern so, we are including it on this list. Damask actually means thick lustrous fabric with an ornate, woven fabric that is visible on each side. Damask brings elegance and sophistication to any space.


Don’t call it plaid. Because it’s not. It is a pattern made up of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. Originally created in wool, now you can find Tartan in multiple fabric and colors. Think effortless and easy style.


Not really a pattern either, Mudcloth also makes its way onto our list because of its prevalence in Bohemian and eclectic design. Characterized by its natural color, ink dash design and rugged durability Mudcloth can almost be thought of as a pattern in design.


Around forever and used in everything from tile to wallpaper, this classic never disappoints and goes out of style.


Trellis is a stylish, geometric pattern that takes its name from an architectural element in the garden. Great for upholstery, window treatments, pillows or wallpaper.

Geometric Square

The cube is a classic that adds depth, and can create a wonderful style statement for fabrics, floors and backsplashes.


Not to be confused with herringbone (see below), Chevron is an intact zig-zag pattern. It adds dimension and depth. Incredible on hearths, backsplashes and floors.


Six-sided and super popular right now, it’s a more visually interesting alternative to standard rectangles and squares. Fabulous for showers, baths, backsplashes or in upholstery.


Leopard has not left the design world. A little goes a long way and mixed with brown, black and cognac, it’s luscious and inviting.

Dalmatian Dot

A fun and festive print, Dalmatian in moderation mixes well. It can serve as a surprising and playful compliment to many other patterns.


Houndstooth is another pattern that is prevalent in menswear but translates beautifully for interiors. Most popular and most seen in classic black-and-white, but look for all sorts of new color interpretations.

Do not be afraid to mix and play with what speaks to you. There are multiple upholstery fabric shops in town that will cut as many samples as you want. Take them home and play! In the meantime, if you want a second opinion or have any questions about staging your home to sell, or looking for a new place to call home, please contact lee today. He’s love to be your guide!

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