Illuminated Midtown in Atlanta, USA at night. Car traffic, illuminated buildings and dark sky

Midtown Atlanta is Booming

Midtown is alive and well with over 20,000 people currently calling it home. Notably, it also has one of the fastest growing populations in the city, which means more people are calling it home every day.

Choices. Choices. Choices.

Midtown, like no other place in Atlanta, and perhaps like no other modern city in the country, gives homeowners an embarrassment of choices with which to call home.

Want to live in a hi-rise perched way above the city streets with spectacular views? How about a traditional bungalow on a tree lined street with a charming back yard? Or would you like an industrial loft that puts you in the middle of everything? The exciting and remarkable thing about Midtown Atlanta, is that you can live in any of those homes that you choose.

Having it All

Midtown residents have access to over 150 Restaurants and 300 acres of parks and green space. Multiple world class attractions, events, festivals, galleries, arts and entertainment are literally a stone’s throw away from Midtown.

New Development

According to Midtown Atlanta and the Midtown Alliance, between 2000 and 2015, Midtown added 4 Billion of new development with 3 Billion more projected to come on line in the next few years.

Midtown Development Activity in 2020 is robust and just delivered multiple projects with a massive amount more in progress. Currently under construction are various condos, hotels, multiple student housing projects, WinShip Healthcare, Norfolk Southern HQ and others. Renovation projects make up another massive chunk of the activity, as many businesses and housing projects get new upgraded structures and looks.

The Future of Midtown

Urban visionaries that are formally known as Midtown Alliance have spearheaded Midtown’s renaissance.  Since 1978, midtown has been and continues to be transformed into a legitimate mixed-use, new urbanist, live-learn-work-play community. To read more about Midtown’s Alliance Plans check out Blueprint Midtown, the Alliance’s visionary, community-derived development plan.

If you are considering buying or selling in Midtown, Lee is the perfect realtor for you. Not only is he well versed in Midtown’s real estate market, but he is happy to call Midtown home.

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