Credit: Crate and Barrel/Phoenix Table
Credit: Crate and Barrel/Phoenix Table

Make an Entrance With Your Entryway! 

Entryways or Foyers whichever one you prefer, offer an amazing opportunity to do something exciting, welcoming and memorable. No matter what size your entryway is, you can make it deliver on all three counts.  

Be Bold... Because You Can 

The entryway is just that. It’s a way into the other parts of your home where people will ultimately linger. Since your guests’ interaction with the foyer is brief, you can go bold. Below are some ideas to get you thinking! 


  • Paint your front door‘s interior a dynamic shade. Think sunny yellow or candy apple red. NOTE: Use high-gloss or semi-gloss paint to create a durable, easy-clean finish that will stand-up to dirty hands and rain-soaked traffic. 
  • Cover an area just inside the door with a bold, graphic wallpaper.  
  • Go for a bold patterned rug.  


  • Mix up your materials by layering textures and pieces that create depth and visual interest.  
  • Hang multiple art pieces that makes a statement.  


  • An ornate coat rack is practical and can serve as a statement piece. 
  • A unique table is great place for lamps, candles, flowers.  


If your stairway is part of your entryway, then use it as a focal point.  

  • Cover the stairs with a sea grass runner or choose a graphic stripe runner.  
  • Paint all the trim on the stairs black to add interest.  


  • Add a settee, oversized chairs, bench or other cushy option.  
  • Don’t forget the cushions. This is a great place to add pops of color and texture.  


  • All foyers have lighting, but you may want to leave off the overheard and keep a lamp on instead. Pick one with colorful shade that coordinates with your color scheme in the next room. On the other hand, if you have a gorgeous chandelier, with lots of bling, go for it!  
  • Adding a mirror can bring in lots of light and create drama. Pay special attention to the frame.  

Make it Playful  

Other Ideas that are ALWAYS Appropriate  

  • Go Seasonal. Whether it’s Holidays or a Fall Feel you can add extras to celebrate the time of year. 
  • Paint a wall with chalkboard paint of put up a framed chalkboard and leave your guests a little note, they can also leave notes for you.  
  • Consider graphic oversized letters that spell out WELCOME.  

Make it Personal  

  • A framed photograph of your all-time favorite family photograph or photograph of your beloved pet 
  • An inspirational saying or mantra literally spelled out on canvas or in a custom metal piece.   

Make it Alive  

  • Fresh flowers in a vase are always a style statement  
  • An oversized plant can be a focal point and help to bring the outdoors in.  
  • A scented candle is an inviting way to welcome guests.  

Use color, pattern, furnishings, and more to create an exciting, welcoming entryway that will set the mood for your guest and make memorable first impressions. 

Contact Lee today for clever ideas to bring the wow to your entryway. And as always, Lee’s your Intown Insider and can assist you with anything and everything related to real estate.  

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