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It’s a Great Time….for Creating Curb Appeal

So we are stuck at home…but that doesn’t mean we have to be stuck in our homes. After you‘ve learned every Tik Tok dance out there, consider tackling some curb appeal. Below is a list of things that could be very good for your curb appeal and let’s be honest, good for you too.

Paint the Front Door

Sure you can stick with something subtle and soothing, or you can use your front door color as an opportunity. Do not fear color! It’s only paint and you can always change it back to basic black or white. Check out this Front Door Gallery published
by Sherwin Williams

Let There be Light

An illuminated path can go a long way to create an inviting entrance. Got a beautiful tree to highlight or some architectural features on your façade? Add lights for impact. Solar ones are easy on your electric bill, and come in a wide
variety of styles.

Porch Power

A comfortable front porch is the perfect escape for family members to get a little space from one another. Enjoy the fresh air and be protected from the elements simultaneously is a winning combination. Get creative with color and get cushions
and rugs that instantly add a lot of punch. If you have the space, consider a day bed for a luxurious, heavenly nap.

Container Garden in modern cement planter
from Proven Winners

Container Gardens

Pots offer a great way to add visual interest to any porch or entry way. We are seeing more people use them throughout the yard, not only on the porch. Think color, scale and have some dedicated to herbs for cooking.

Window Boxes or Ornamental Trees

Window Boxes are a great way to liven up the front of your house. Some houses lend themselves to window boxes better than others. If window boxes won’t complement your home, consider an ornamental tree. Lots of places like Pike Nursery, Home Depot are delivering now.

Replace or Freshen Up Old Walkways and Paths

This one is a little more labor intensive, but if you’ve got the time, then why not! Depending on the state of your old walkways, you may want to remove them and start over. If you start with a clean slate you can choose to swap out materials and change the look entirely. Stone, Brick, Pea Gravel or a combination of all three are all options.

Garage Doors

Most of us have garages that face the street, and that can unfortunately be a bad thing. Do your doors need painting or replacing all together? The good news is that garage doors have come a long way. Styles range from Carriage House to Contemporary. For inspiration, check out some of these great doors from industry leader Clopay Door.

Lee would love to give you some ideas to help with your curb appeal. He’s happy to stop by or, since we are talking about curb appeal, drive by and share his professional realtor recommendations! Remarkably, the real estate business continues, and Lee is here for you no matter where you are in your real estate journey.

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