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How to Find Your House: Budget, Location, and Specifics

Don’t look. At least not yet.

Buying a home is one of the singular, biggest decisions in your lifetime. It can be overwhelming for even the most serene among us. There can be a great deal of stress and emotion, ranging from the sheer financial investment to the anxiety that comes with FOM “fear of missing out”. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, it can be one of the most exciting and
fun processes if you do your homework in advance. Taking a few steps before you begin the process of buying a house can (almost) guarantee a positive experience.

Getting Your (Three) Ducks in Row

Budget: Do’s and Don’ts

DO decide what you want to pay per month. This number is sometimes radically different than what you can afford on paper. So ask yourself… “What number am I comfortable writing that check for every month?” Of course you will need to also know what you can afford on paper too, but zero in on what you WANT to pay. Some people are just not comfortable with a giant mortgage, so be honest with yourself. This will not be a one-time payment, it will be something you will be living with every month for years. So soul search and make sure you are comfortable.

DO NOT SKIP Assignment One

DO NOT decide on a purchase price first and then figure out what that means per month.  This is flat out backwards and will get you in trouble. You’ll end up with a home that’s over your budget.

DO identify how much cash you have for the down payment? This could be based on lots of factors. Primarily, if you are a current homeowner, this number will be in large part dependent on the final selling price of your current home. Karen can help you walk through the various scenarios. It’s hard to spend money you do not have, so there are contingences that you
can create that help with the unknown.

DO bring that the financial information to your Karen and your lender so they can intelligently advise you on price range

DO NOT change this number until you have absolutely exhausted all possibilities in your LOCATION.


Where do you want to live, and why?

What characteristics of that location are important to you?  Schools, walkability, short commute. Get real about this. Make a list and rate them all in order of importance. You will surprisingly zero in on your ideal locations.


The House and the Lot

How big? How many bedrooms? Master on Main? Single Story or Multi Level? Basement? Fixer Upper? Move In Ready? Style? Big Backyard? Brick?


If you complete the above exercises, you will be so much more equipped to enjoy the process and more likely to get the right fit for you! It’s so important is to perform the steps in order. Always lead with budget!

Contact Lee today to help you through your process. He considers himself a bit of a matchmaker and likes nothing better than guiding you though this process. He can talk and walk you through these steps, and then the hunt can be begin. He promises to make it fun and exciting.

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