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Falling in Love with an Atlanta Cottage

What exactly is a cottage? Opinions are somewhat divided on the exact criteria that defines a cottage, but most people agree its size – a single family residence of 1,200 square feet – is the most common criteria. There is a whole other step up in size in today’s real estate market that are considered “cottage style” but have much larger footprints. But for now let’s explore why Falling in Love with a Cottage is easy to do.

Think of a cottage and you may immediately go to the storybook versions stereotypically portrayed in fairytales. However, cottages are way more different than that stereotype and have a lot going for them in terms of why you may want to consider a cottage.

The Advantages of a Cottage

Let’s take a look at the top reasons.

Money. Money. Money.

One of the most practical reasons to Fall in Love with a Cottage is very simply financial.Cottages cost less. Not only do they cost less to buy, but once you’ve bought it, it will cost less all the way around. Cooling, heating, furnishing, and maintaining will all be less. Big ticket maintenance items like roofing, painting, and HVAC’s will all be less to replace.

You can also widen the circle to the expense that you many not immediately think about, but a cottage will typically translate into typically lower property taxes, insurance and of course lower mortgage.

Put these all together and the savings can be substantially less – as in go on a major vacation every single year with the savings less.

Saving Time and Improving Quality of Life

Anyone who has had to manage a big lot or a massive house, is well aware that effort also costs you time. The interior and exterior cleaning, lawn and exterior maintenance can be insanely difficult to keep up with. So in our much needed down time, we can find ourselves working for the house instead of the house working for us.


Sarah Susanka’s book, The Not So Big House, is a great resource to unpack your thoughts on taking such a step. It’s based on the premise that you can choose a house that values quality over quantity, where comfort, beauty, and a high level of detail are the attributes that may bring you the most joy.

Cottages Make You Feel Good

In addition to the financial benefits, and the fact that they can simplify your busy life, cottages by their very nature create charm, warmth, comfort and peace – something we can all use more of!

Take a Look

Take a look at Lee’s Current Listings where you are likely to find a cottage or two! He has helped countless buyers and sellers with their cottages and knows exactly how find what you are looking for!

Lee has been fortunate enough to have represented those both seeking and selling their cottages. He is incredibly familiar with all the in town neighborhoods and every single cottage out there. He would love to help you find your perfect cottage! Contact him today and get started.

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