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An Atlanta Condo: Is it for you?

An Atlanta Condo: Is it for you?

The advantage of purchasing a home in one of the many intown neighborhoods of Atlanta is that you can literally find virtually anything you want.

So far this year, Lee has personally had listings for condos, cottages, townhomes bungalows and sprawling estate homes. For this “Living in Atl” blog post we are going to take a good long look at the condo. Is this for you? Would it ever be for you? Condos make sense for a lot of people no matter where you they are in their real estate journey. Let’s look at some of the chief advantages.

The Advantages of Buying a Condo

Easier & Simplified Living

What we mean by this one is that a condo can give you time. Time now spent on maintaining a house and property that can be significant with larger or single family homes. Are you wanting to spend less time caring for your space and more time traveling or enjoying your friends and family?

These reasons are some of the most cited for choosing a condo.

More Affordable

Condos are more affordable, especially in highly sought after areas. The other cost savings is often lee expensive insurance.

Instant Community

Don’t let this one freak you out. Mainly, people who own condos are living with the opportunity for more community, but don’t always want or engage in that aspect. So that is optional.


Often condos are strategically located next to entertainment of offices making commuting (which let’s be honest in Atlanta can be a challenge) an easier proposition.

Amazing Amenities

The trend has been to literally beef up the amenities to crazy levels to entice buyers. Pools, rooftop terraces, state of the art fitness centers, and concierge service are all becoming the norm.

Covered Maintenance

Sometimes the constant stream of laying out of money to maintain single family homes can seem endless. However, much of the maintenance of a condo is covered. Please keep in mind you will typically have to pay associations fees as part of that maintenance, but buyers can find that more attractive than laying out massive sums.


Condos do offer often extra layers of security for homeowners. There are often barriers like locked common entries, and front entryway staff, secure elevators and other measures that increase security. In addition, the close proximity to others can provide additional comfort and a sense of added security.

Lee would love to show you a condo that you can call home. He is a huge fan and lives in one himself. As an intown expert, Lee is well versed in every condo Atlanta has to offer. In fact, he has a couple listings right now. Want to learn more about Buckhead? Click here and read about Midtown’s recent boom, check out Lee’s website for more information.

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