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Afraid to List Your Home in Winter? It’s Actually a Great Idea.

The “old” conventional wisdom says spring is the best time to list your home. Frankly, we are not sure if that’s ever been true, but it’s certainly not true now. There were apparently a lot of reasons for that myth. One being, the assumption (rightfully so in some regions of the country) who wants to be out in incredibly nasty weather shopping for houses. Anyone who has lived in Atlanta for any period of time, knows that winter time temperatures can be flat out warm with sunny skies, making that argument much less true for Atlanta homebuyers.

Numbers Are On Your Side

Existing home sales have increased from November to December an average of 4.5% in the past three winters. Nice numbers proving that a vibrant and dynamic market is a vibrant dynamic market… no matter what the weather is.

So hypothetically, even though there may be less homes on the market, buyers are out there buying at a steady, if not increased, pace.

Often with transfers and company moves, buyers have no control when they relocate. Atlanta is a hub of business that has a multitude of companies relocating personnel here throughout the entire year.

Numbers Are On Your Side. Again.

Since 2014, existing home inventory has fallen an average of 15% from November to December. Less inventory equals less competition for you. Translation – you could sell your house faster. You will stand out in a less crowded field.

Buyers are Serious

Buyers are buying for a reason, and chances are that reason is not voluntary. Deadlines include an expiring lease, relocation, or a contract on their current home.

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Tax Savings

Year-end tax benefits are a plus, and there are plenty of them when it comes to owning a home. Having the choice of waiting till early the next year or closing before December 31, most buyers will be motivated to close. Mortgage interest, private mortgage insurance (PMI) premiums and real estate taxes are a few of the tax saving advantages for buyers.

The Main Objection is the Hassel Factor

Yes this is a real thing. However bear in mind, keeping your home show ready is quite frankly NEVER EASY. Unless you are by nature a minimalist, keeping your home in condition for showing can be a pain. However, this is true no matter what time of year you list. One idea, especially if you are planning to be out of town for the Holidays, can actually be an advantage.
You leave. Lee takes over! Who knows, maybe you’ll come home to a contract!

TIPS for Home Sellers

Images Matter

A LOT of looking is done on line – true also in the winter, or if buyers are coming from out of state. Lee can make sure you have amazing photos. Do NOT scrimp on these. Consider getting images of the other seasons as well. Spring can be stunning, and a shot of your backyard in fall can be amazing. If you have landscape lighting, shoot some evening images. Every photo is an opportunity for buyers to fall in love.

Lee excels at getting your house ready for potential buyers. He has a complete list of concierge services and trusted professionals to help you everything from paring down your furnishings to cleaning. Contact him today and he will help you get your home sold in time for the Holidays.

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