An EDUCATED Seller is an EMPOWERED Seller.

Once you know your home’s value, you can evaluate what you can afford in your next home purchase, and determine if your listing price is accurate. Other important reasons to know your home’s worth are for insurance premiums, annual property taxes, refinancing, and home equity lines of credit.

Some of the best ways to help determine the value of your home.

Comparative Marketing Analysis

Lee would be happy to do a deep dive on what your home is worth. By examining the condition of your home and factoring in what other similar homes have sold for, you can get a fairly accurate picture.

The Federal Housing Financing Agency’s House Price Index Calculator

For a more scientific approach. The tool uses the repeat sales method. Armed with millions of mortgage transactions gathered since the 1970s, the FHFA tracks a house’s change in value from one sale to the next. Then it uses this information to estimate how values fluctuate in a given market.

Hire a Professional Appraiser

Lenders require this step in order to approve a loan, but there’s nothing stopping you from hiring an appraiser to get your own highly accurate assessment.